When you are delivering a presentation at an event your body language is extremely important. This gives your audience a visual impact on your presentation. To be a successful speaker, the way you look and sound can make all the difference. It is important to have a strong interaction with your audience to keep them alert and attentive during your presentation.

Body Language

The ability to use body movements and gestures during a presentation is a skill of its own There are four key factors you should keep in mind relating to body movements and gestures. They are:

  • Neutral
  • Open
  • Defined
  • Strong

At the beginning of your presentation always start off with your hands and arms at your sides. This creates openness with your audience so that influence can flow in both directions. Don’t use hand gestures too often. When you do use hand gestures always keep them very defined and clean. This creates strength for the gesture.

Exhibit Confidence

The best way to exhibit confidence is to use the stage space effectively. The way you move and walk in the stage space will demonstrate to your audience the level of confidence you have within yourself. When a speaker appears to be confident, the content of the presentation has a lot more merit to the audience. The audience will have a lot more confidence in you.

Facial Expressions

Facial expressions are also a form of body language. Facial expressions during a presentation can augment meaning to what you are saying. It is always a good idea to videotape a practice session so you can see for yourself what your facial expressions are. If you need to practice in front of a mirror. You need to look like you mean what you are trying to express. A good practice tip for conquering your facial expressions is to lip all the words to your presentation without actually saying them and pay attention to your facial expressions. This allows you to see how your face can do all the communicating. Once you put your voice to the expressions it will look very natural.

Power Poses

Power poses during your presentation can actually strengthen your ability to power speak. Research has proven that when a man strikes a power pose it actually increases testosterone levels and minimizes cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone. So when a man stands in a powerful pose, they experience less stress and feel a lot more powerful and in control during their presentation .

Voice Is An Essential Component of Body Language

It is important to use your voice in conjunction with body language to influence your audience. Since your voice is physically produced it is an essential component of body language. The way you express yourself through vocal expressiveness plays a large part in providing your audience with the intention and meaning of your presentation. It may be a good idea to hire a speech coach to define your voice expressiveness.

Body Language Things To Avoid

Excessive Hand Movements -When you are delivering a public speech or presentation, avoid excessive hand movements. This can be very distracting to your audience. It can also give the audience the impression that you are very nervous and may not believe in the material you are speaking about.

  • Crossed Arms – Crossed arms give the audience a negative impression. They may feel you are not quite in agreeance with the information you are about to share with them. Crossed arms is known to be a defensive posture and puts distance between you and your audience.
  • Avoiding Eye Contact – A good presentation delivery involves eye contact with the audience. When you avoid eye contact, fidget, look at your watch or anywhere but the audience you will not look professional during your delivery.
  • Bad Posture – The way you stand and present yourself can be one of the biggest selling points during your presentation. If you slouch or exhibit bad posture, your audience will not receive the correct message you are trying to deliver to them. Always stand tall.

These few tips will get you off to a good start with your presentation.